Cyber Monday (& Tuesday)

As most of you have probably heard, TPT is doing a huge Cyber Monday sale.  So huge, they are including Tuesday in the deal!  TPT is giving an extra 10% off all products (use the promo code CMT12), on top of what individual sellers are giving.  I am giving 15% off all of the products in my store.

During the busy holiday weekend, I tried to get as many downloads done as I could.  I tried to target the areas you request most!  I was able to complete 2 products: Snowy Social Scenarios & Hot Cocoa Questions.

Hot Cocoa Questions is a 14 page download targeting all types of Wh- questions plus “How?”!  There are 66 total cards: 12 who, 12 what, 12 where, 12 when, 12 why, 6 how, and 6 special cards.  All of the questions are winter-themed and appropriate for lower to middle elementary students.

Snowy Social Scenarios is a follow-up to my Fall Pragmatics Pack.  It, like many of my most popular products, is leveled.  There are a variety of Pragmatic Language targets in the pack:
Problem Solving (elementary): multiple choice & open-ended
Problem Solving (middle school): multiple choice & open-ended
Perspective Taking: multiple choice & open-ended
Social Rules (rude vs. polite): sorting & open-ended
It is 27 total pages in length and easy to organize according to the graphic/topic.

To make things a little more interesting, I’d like to add another spin to the Cyber Monday/Tuesday deal!  If you spend $10 or more in my TPT store, I will send you a FREE product!  I have had an idea about a topic maintenance activity for some time now.  I finally decided how I’d like to do it, I just haven’t had a chance to finish (start, for that matter) it in time for the sale.  Those of you who take advantage of this sale will be able to ALL have a free copy of this soon-to-come download!  In order to qualify for the freebie, the $10 minimum must be made on Monday 11/26 and/or Tuesday 11/27.  So that I can verify your participation, please email me your TPT username.

Thank you in advance for your support and participation.  I hope you find my additional giveaway helpful!

Happy shopping!



My weekend has been VERY Fall-filled.  We went hiking in Shenandoah National Park (sometimes along the Appalachian Trail, accidentally – they really should label the trails and maps better) to see the leaves changing and give Porter some exercise! 

Justin adventured to see if he could get

to the top of that rock.  Porter was jealous.

Porter and I followed.  Porter scaled the back side of the rock in one leap.  I guess

all that practice with jumping over the backside of the couch was worth it.

Because I was so “into” Fall this weekend, I figured I’d do a giveaway of my most popular TPT product – my Fall Pragmatics Pack!  I will be giving one copy away here, via Rafflecopter, and another away on my Facebook page. 

The Pack targets 5 areas of pragmatics with differentiated levels for each area: Problem Solving (3 levels);  Asking Questions (2 levels); Making Comments (2 levels); Taking Perspective (2 levels); and Following Social Rules (2 levels).  All of the activities in this pack also target topic maintenance, turn taking, sharing opinions appropriately, & manners.
Because I have a slight case of OCD when it comes to organization and neatness (admitting it is the first step, right??), I made each activity have a  different Fall theme (i.e. acorns, squirrels, scarecrows, corn, etc) with each level having a different icon/clipart image for each.  This makes for easy organization!  I put each topic in a gallon zipper storage bag and then the differentiated levels are easy to find by sorting according to image!  (More on my organization of my homemade or printed materials later this week!)
My new blog-y friend, Jenn, did a review of this pack a few weeks ago.  Check it out here!
And now for the giveaway!  To enter via Facebook, go to my Speech Language Pirates’s Facebook page here and follow the directions.  Please “like” me while you’re there!
Enter via Rafflecopter below!
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Good luck, all.  Thanks for reading!