SLPs care for Oklahoma

There are numerous efforts by tons of generous SLPs to help replenish the materials libraries of therapists affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  I will be participating by donating 2 products to bundles that will be for sale. 

We were also asked to print and laminate our best selling TpT product and send it to the 4 SLPs we know of in Moore that were affected, including Amy Minor of Major Speech Pathology Fun with a Side of Gluten Free. I will be sending four copies of my best selling “Listening Comprehension Pack – Differentiated with Visuals”, along with a postcard from my area.  The postcards will allow the recipients to see just how many places and from how far these gifts have come.  How fun!?

I took this opportunity of writing postcards to do an activity with my students.  I found this great postcard template on  Since it’s an image, I saved it and printed a bunch of copies on cardstock in 5×7 sizes.  This ensures enough room for kids to draw and write.

I had my second grade /r/ & /th/ group brainstorm some ideas for what to draw and write.  I told them they could draw anything on the front that had to do with Virginia or Washington DC (our nearest city).  Then, we talked about the words that we’d be writing that had their sounds in it: Moore, tornado, postcard, etc. 

Here is how the fronts of them turned out:

Washington Monuments and Virginia Beach are what everyone picked.

Here are the messages:

I assure you our “tornado” was nothing, just unusual for our area so it made the news…

He is hoping for a response by asking “What is your name?”
If you are the receiving SLP, I’d be forever indebted to you if you responded! 😉

I will send their postcards along with the activities I’m printing.  Hopefully the SLPs in Moore will enjoy seeing some work from my Speech kids, too 🙂

Stay tuned to this and other blogs to see where you can purchase SLP bundles whose proceeds benefit the people devasted by the tornadoes.