March Madness Freebie & Grammar Golf

I am ECSTATIC to see that my Facebook page has reached 800 likes.  Last night, when we hit that mark, I was watching the NCAA tournament, where my grad school alma mater (La Salle – a 13 seed) beat Kansas State (a 4 seed)!   Clearly, I have far less school spirit for my graduate school than I do for my undergraduate (hence the SpeechLanguagePirates name!) school.  But, it was fun nonetheless, so I decided to make a March Madness themed freebie.

It’s a barrier game with a basketball theme.  It includes a full page court (for use a the background), a ball, some hoops, 2 different girls teams, and 2 different boys teams. 

We all know the great flexbility of barrier games, but I made sure this version worked on LOTS of concepts and descriptive vocabulary: pronouns, adjectives, nominal phrases, plurals, negatives and more!  For example, “the girl in the blue uniform who is spinning the ball on her finger”; “the girls who are wearing purple uniforms”; “the basketball hoop that does not have a ball in it”; “the hoop that is full”. 

I also made a simple, 2 page board game that can be used with any activity you have.

I hope you enjoy it!  Find it here.

I’ve also just completed a new grammar download; it’s golf themed.  I know how much sports activities are appreciated by so many students.  When I saw this clipart, I HAD to buy it!  Isn’t it adorable?!

I’ve targeted a variety of grammar goals in this 45 page download.  Take a look:

There is a game board and special cards.

part of the board game

I also included title cards, so you can organize each deck easily.  The pictures on these correspond to the pictures in each set.
title cards for easy organization!

Irregular verbs: present & past pairs

some irregular verb cards

Irregular plurals: pg. 15-19 singular & plural pairs

some irregular plural cards

Do vs. Does, Have vs. Has, Is vs. Are: Fill-in the blank cards, each with a sorting mat

one of the sorting mats
some “have” cards
the is/are sorting mat
some of the “is” cards

Third Person Singular: Fill-in the blank

some third person singular -s sards

Subject-Verb Agreement: Fix the sentence to make sense

some subject-verb agreement

Pronouns, including subject, possessive, object, and reflexive.  Includes a visual/anchor chart and multiple choice cards.

some of the “he” cards

Check out this activity here!

Now here’s your chance to win this download!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.
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Thanks for reading everyone!  I hope you find these new downloads useful!