Fly by the seat of your pants

Every Monday morning, my co-SLP and I run an hour long session with a group of 7 language delayed students.  They have a variety of disabilities, including intellectual disability and autism.  They are in a self-contained class, but they are all verbal and very fun! We normally take turns talking about what we did over the weekend, listening, asking questions, and relating to each other.

Well today, there were only 4 students.  Our discussion went very quickly – even with mother’s day being yesterday!  Most just “made/gave cards” (haha). 

With about ten minutes left, no time to start a game, and nothing at the ready otherwise, we decided to show them a picture.  I had actually just gotten my engagement pictures back from the photographer, and my colleague had just seen them on Saturday.  I involved my dog in them (of course!) so I thought the students would love the photos with him.

You’ve probably seen it before (on Pinterest, like I did).  We used this as sort of a barrier game – I sat in front of the computer with all of the students while Nina, my co-SLP, was behind the computer and “not able to see”.  I had the students describe to her what they saw.  We got SO. MUCH. LANGUAGE. out of them!

student: “3 hands…”
SLP: “Are they all hands?”

SLP: “Where are the hands?”
student: “on top…..?”
SLP: “Yes, they are on top of each other.  You can call that ‘stacked’.”

student: “a paw.”
SLP: “Is it a lion’s paw? How do you know?”

We also showed them these two:

It says “HE asked”, not “me”.  It’s just a bad angle…

By the way, Justin proposed using Georgetown Cupcakes (red velvet!) so that’s why we included them here. 

(to try and get her to describe to Nina that only our legs were visible):
SLP:  “Is Miss Polley smiling?”
student: “Yes.”
SLP: “Oh, yeah?  How do you know?”
student: “because she’s happy!”
(Can’t really fault her on that one.  How sweet?!)

SLP: “Where’s the dog?”
student: “On the ground.”
SLP: “On the ground behind Miss Polley?”
student: “in the grass”
***I didn’t know this student didn’t know “between”.  Now I do!

student: “Cupcakes!”
SLP: “Is that all?”
student: “and hands.”
SLP: “4 hands?”
student: “no, 2!”
SLP: “Where are the hands?  On top of the cupcakes?”
student: “No, in front of the cupcakes!”

What have you done in a pinch that turned out great???