What’s in my cart? 3 million teachers sale!

I have to admit, I was a little bummed when there was no Super Bowl sale on TpT this year.  Those winter blues are always a good time for some retail therapy (and I don’t care to watch the game).  Luckily, TpT is throwing a sale at the end of this month, February 27-28, in honor of having 3 million teachers as part of their site.  Can you believe it?!  Three MILLION teachers are using TpT to share ideas and downloads. I just LOVE being a member of this incredible website!

I’ve decided to link up with Jenna @ SpeechRoomNews to show you what I plan to buy during the sale.  I’ve heard great things about these products from my blogging friends, so you know they’ll be great additions to your therapy library!


First, here are some products from my store that you may not already own, but will definitely benefit your caseload.


Spring Expressive Language Pack – a great activity for spring!  (Which CANNOT get here soon enough!)


Listening Comprehension with Visuals: Part Two – this is a follow up to one of my most popular downloads with some spruced up additions, including complex sentences and proper nouns.


Superhero Syntax – a great way to target all of those goals you’ve derived from the PLS, when you can’t find anything to target these skills receptively!


“If You Give A…” bundle – I’ve bundled my popular Laura Numeroff themed book companions into one money saving download!

Now for what I plan to buy!

Intergalactic Articulation for Speech Therapy: /r, s, l, ch, sh, j th/ – I already have the early sound version of this and just NEED to have the later sounds one!


Visual Guide for How to Take 3 Turns in Conversation – I have a few students working on this skill and I just haven’t gained any ground with them recently.  Hoping this will help!


Articulation Menus – I’ve seen and heard tons about this product and have just forgotten to move it from my wishlist to my cart in previous sales.  I’ve moved so many kids to carryover recently, I think this will be a hit with them!


In addition to those that are in my cart, I want to tell you about somethings I already own (because you should own them, too!)

Tackling Apraxia CV & CVC Early Sounds Edition is absolutely perfect.  It’s useful, appropriate for very young students, and motivating!  I had just added a preschooler with apraxia to caseload when Mia added this product to her shop, so I jumped at it!

Mia McDaniel

Vocabulary to Improve Comprehension of Test Questions and Classroom Assignments is an essential product.  During an IEP meeting last year, a parent described a situation where her son knew the answer to a test, but got it wrong because he didn’t understand the vocabulary.  I started making a list of the typical “test” vocabulary that might trip up some students.  I had about 5 words.  Jessica has a product with 38 such words that almost all students will benefit from learning, even those without language disorders!  Go grab this product.  It’s truly a steal!


That’s what’s in my cart for this sale!  Everything in my store will be 20% off, so use the code TPT3 to get an extra 10% off for a total of 28% off regular prices.

If you have a product that you plan to buy, let us all know by commenting below!  Be sure to include why you need it 🙂



One thought on “What’s in my cart? 3 million teachers sale!

  1. Thanks so much for including my “Visual Guide for HOW to take 3 Turns in Conversation.” 🙂
    Once your kids get the hang of it, introduce the companion card game, “Know Your Audience.”
    It’s color-coded to correspond with the guide and encourages students to look for cues to whether their communication partner is interested, bored, or in-between and reminds them what they should do in each situation.

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