More Decor

Ask and you shall receive!  I had some questions about the components of my bulletin board that I showed you last week – specifically about my behavior clip chart and my articulation rating scale.  Well, here they are for you to download!

Here’s a couple snapshots of what the behavior clip chart looks like.

I assembled mine vertically and use clothes pins to attach students’ names.  Everyone starts on “All Aboard” and moves up/down according to their behavior in Speech.  It is pirate themed and tailored to Speech.  Check out the behavior clip chart here!
I also made an articulation rating scale.  I started using this with a “stubborn /r/” and have had great success with it!  Students produce their sound and then rate it, on a scale of 1-5.  Each number has a “description” next to it.  You can take it a step further and ask “Why?” was it not “perfect” and what they can do to change it.  I think it works best with /r/, since there can be so many variations of productions, but you could certainly use it with any other phonemes that your students are working on!

I also assembled this vertically and hung it behind me on my bulletin board so all of the students can see.  Find the artic scale here!

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