A peak into my personal life

You may have noticed that my blog and Facebook page have been a little quiet this summer… Well, that’s because I got married!  Many people asked me to share pictures, so this post is going to be strictly wedding related, with nothing at all to do with SLP!  (You’ve been warned.  Get ready for yellow and gray overload if you read on!  ❤ ) 
There’s going to be a lot of pictures on here – it’s really hard to pick favorites!  My photographers was SOOOOO awesome and creative!  If you live on Long Island and are getting married soon, you need to use North Island Photography!!!!! Our ceremony and reception were at the Watermill.  Their food is beyond words outstanding!
I’ll start with the “details”:
our invitation with our rings on it

My yellow shoes!!!!  I loved them!


The wrap around my bouquet is the sleeve from my mom’s wedding gown.  (Yes, sleeve!)  I wanted as little green in the bouquet as possible and tried to bring some gray in it.  The leaves around the perimeter are called “dusty miller” and have a gray-ish tinge to them.  And I loved the whispy feathers!  It was awesome!  My flowers were all done by Bayport Flower Houses.  She had SUCH great ideas!  I definitely recommend them!

My dad passed away 5 years ago.  That blue heart is from one of his shirts (his nickname was “Denim” because it’s basically all he wore… haha) that my mom sewed into my dress.  IT was my “something blue”.

The frame/locket thing was hanging from my bouquet and has a picture of me and him on one side (visible) and a picture from my parents’ wedding on the other.


Here is a collection of very “pinteresting” getting ready shots 😉


My gift to my bridesmaids was these pink robes that are monogrammed.  I also bought myself one in white.  Everyone really seemed to love them!  We all really did wear them that whole morning!  🙂


My maid of honor helping lace up my dress.  I just kept saying, “PULL!” because I wanted it as tight as possible so it wouldn’t go anywhere!

My sweet little cousin (and bridesmaid) bought me this hanger for my dress that has my new last name on it.  I just happened to place it there on the bed when I took my dress off; I love how my photographer captured this picture!

My garter was a tribute to my Alma Mater and also my something borrowed.  Years ago, my roommates and I always said that when the first of us got married, we’d buy her an ECU garter.  Then, we’d pass it on to the next ones as their “something borrowed”.  I actually made this for my friend Allie who got married last summer.  This summer, I borrowed it!  My photographer kindly asked, “Can I ask what’s with the skull and crossbones?”  HAHAHA!  Guess the rest of me didn’t strike her as the “skulls” kinda girl…

my mom 🙂
leaving the house!

We did a “first look” because our ceremony and reception were both at the same place with no time in between. We didn’t want to miss cocktail hour – even though we did end up missing it.  We both met at a park nearby where we grew up (on Long Island).

Justin was a little late (even though I made all of the groomsmen a very pinteresting schedule of the day!  haha) so I had some individual shots.

We still haven’t seen eachother at this point…

This is the first time we saw each other that day!

And now my favorite ones – the ones with our precious boy Porter!

By the way – Porter’s tuxedo came from Big Lots but was originally backwards (the “shirt” was on his back… weird) so my mom sewed it so it was turned it around correctly.  I also got the yellow bowtie at the Target Dollar Spot around Easter for $1!!!  It was a kid’s tie.  My mom just sewed it on.  The outfit just wraps around his collar and then velcros onto his legs/paws.  He was SO good with it on!  And my, he’s handsome!  🙂

I was so nervous he’d lick my makeup off!
It was SO hot that day that I was done at the park and kind of just wanted to get in the air conditioning so my makeup didn’t melt off and my hair didn’t get sweaty.  When we got to the venue, we went outside in the somewhat shady area to take some bridal party pictures.

Pinterest anyone?  😉

Justin is a twin. So that people could differentiate between him and his brother, Justin wore a bowtie while all of the other groomsmen wore long ties. Regardless, right before we did our “first look”, Jason (Justin’s twin) was walking up to me and my mom said, “Honey! I don’t think they’re ready yet!” Yes, they’re very identical.

hands down, our favorite picture of the day!

And now for the ceremony!
My brother walking my mom in

Justin and his groomsmen, after his best man finished walking up the aisle!

my sweet brother walking me down the aisle

I just LOVE the yellow and gray!  The bridesmaids’ flowers were stunning, too!

I love this perspective

The man that married us is not a member of the clergy.  He was ordained online, I believe, after his son asked him to perform his marriage ceremony.  His wife and my mom have worked together and been friends for over 40 years!  He’s been friends with my dad and family for a long time.  It was better having him than picking someone random off of a list provided by the venue…

And we’re MARRIED!  I love the “pep” in Justin’s step here.
After the ceremony, we went off into the bridal suite to take some more pictures!

Yes, Justin is pouring that champagne.  Or as I like to call it, a la Heather Dubrow from RHOC, “champs”! 😉

I love how this picture shows the back of my dress ❤

Here are some pictures of the ceremony room.  Many of my ideas and DIY projects are obviously from Pinterest!

Table numbers – The blurry picture frame described how to post pictures to our Instagram and Shutterfly sites.

This was set up on the table with the seating cards.  It’s our parents’ and grandparents’ wedding pictures.

These ADORABLE monograms (including the Mr. & Mrs.) are from Mint Julep Monograms.

I made the menus myself.

This was our sweetheart table.  I got that Mr. & Mrs. plaque from Groopdealz.

I love that every table is against the dance floor. 

Yellow and gray cake!
These are all of my first cousins – minus only 2.

My cousins who were bridesmaids and my brother – the family members in the wedding party
2 of my cousins.  The three of us are pretty inseparable – even though we all live in different states right now!
Even though these three are my cousins, I feel like their surrogate sister.  We grew up just a mile from each other and I spent my summer days with them while my parents were at work.

Justin and I have been best friends since 9th grade.  This is our whole group from high school – going strong for over 13 years!

My college friends.  Go Pirates!  ARRRGH! (That’s a pirate hook, btw.  Kinda like ECU’s version of the “Hook ’em horns” thing UT does.)

Now for the reception!

Our first dance was to “Then” by Brad Paisley.

During Jason’s toast, he confirmed that he is not, in fact, the groom.  He then gave Justin a name tag.  Jason’s name tag read, “Not Justin”.  It went over big :-)
“Not Justin”

Us watching the best man’s speech

Then came the crazy dancing.  My niece and nephew were the youngest ones there – and they partied the hardest!  They did not leave the dance floor.  At. All!  It was great!  Here are some of my favorite shots of us dancing with them!

He loves a pretty girl!  The girl is Justin’s cousin.  My nephew loved the girl in the sparkly dress 🙂  She taught him how to do the Saturday Night Fever Dance – he quickly obliged!  He was smitten!

I heard this one was still dancing on her 30 minute ride home!


He touched a little to my chin… and it fell down my dress.  Oops!  haha

Justin dancing with his mom while my high school group and I watch.

Dacning with my brother ❤

The bouquet toss…
The 2 year old caught it!
Another Pinterest!  We got suspenders as part of the tuxes JUST for this picture.  And I LOVE IT!  😀
Part of the groomsmen’s gifts were these adorable gray and yellow socks (from Express).

So, there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed them!

***I have not been paid to mention the vendors or websites that I used.  I just feel that strongly about them!