March Madness Freebie & Grammar Golf

I am ECSTATIC to see that my Facebook page has reached 800 likes.  Last night, when we hit that mark, I was watching the NCAA tournament, where my grad school alma mater (La Salle – a 13 seed) beat Kansas State (a 4 seed)!   Clearly, I have far less school spirit for my graduate school than I do for my undergraduate (hence the SpeechLanguagePirates name!) school.  But, it was fun nonetheless, so I decided to make a March Madness themed freebie.

It’s a barrier game with a basketball theme.  It includes a full page court (for use a the background), a ball, some hoops, 2 different girls teams, and 2 different boys teams. 

We all know the great flexbility of barrier games, but I made sure this version worked on LOTS of concepts and descriptive vocabulary: pronouns, adjectives, nominal phrases, plurals, negatives and more!  For example, “the girl in the blue uniform who is spinning the ball on her finger”; “the girls who are wearing purple uniforms”; “the basketball hoop that does not have a ball in it”; “the hoop that is full”. 

I also made a simple, 2 page board game that can be used with any activity you have.

I hope you enjoy it!  Find it here.

I’ve also just completed a new grammar download; it’s golf themed.  I know how much sports activities are appreciated by so many students.  When I saw this clipart, I HAD to buy it!  Isn’t it adorable?!

I’ve targeted a variety of grammar goals in this 45 page download.  Take a look:

There is a game board and special cards.

part of the board game

I also included title cards, so you can organize each deck easily.  The pictures on these correspond to the pictures in each set.
title cards for easy organization!

Irregular verbs: present & past pairs

some irregular verb cards

Irregular plurals: pg. 15-19 singular & plural pairs

some irregular plural cards

Do vs. Does, Have vs. Has, Is vs. Are: Fill-in the blank cards, each with a sorting mat

one of the sorting mats
some “have” cards
the is/are sorting mat
some of the “is” cards

Third Person Singular: Fill-in the blank

some third person singular -s sards

Subject-Verb Agreement: Fix the sentence to make sense

some subject-verb agreement

Pronouns, including subject, possessive, object, and reflexive.  Includes a visual/anchor chart and multiple choice cards.

some of the “he” cards

Check out this activity here!

Now here’s your chance to win this download!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below.
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Thanks for reading everyone!  I hope you find these new downloads useful!


Adverb Arcade & a St. Patrick’s sensory craft

Many people have been requesting activities targeting adverbs.  Well, I made just that!  It, like many of my activities, gives a variety of levels.  Also, the arcade theme is appropriate for a variety of ages.

There are 4 posters/anchor charts/visuals that explain: what an adverb is, how an adverb differs from an adjective, examples of adverbs (broken up into type), and examples of difference types of adverbs in sentences. 

Here is a picture of one of the visuals:

There is also a game board:

Then come the task cards.  There are 4 different levels/types of responses, with 17 of each.  Here’s a glimpse:

Receptive: identifying the adverb.
Expressive: multiple choice, fill in the blank.
Expressive: correct the sentence.

Expressive: Finish the sentence, open-ended
While using this download, the SLP/teacher can discuss what word is being modified (described), what type of adverb it is, and what question it is answering.  I hope this is something you can use!  Check it out here.  Leave a comment below for a chance to win this download!  I’ll pick my favorite comment on Monday (3/18/13) and announce it on my Facebook page!
Now onto my regular Wednesday post for those minimally/non verbal students on your caseload!  Much like my Valentine’s craft, for St. Patrick’s day we again used Jell-o.  I actually found Jolly Rancher brand gelatin!!!! For 50 cents at Wal-mart! Could it get any better?!  (Maybe if I had actually made it and eaten it…) 
We cut out shamrocks (forgot the green paper, whoops) using the Ellison press.  When I opened the bag of jell-o, the sour apple flavored powder looked VERY pale.  I was afraid it wasn’t going to look green on the white paper.
This time, we went a little different route than we did with the Valentine’s hearts.  We poured liquid glue in a big bowl.  The students took turns squeezing the glue bottle.  When that got tiresome (for me, more than anyone) we got the HUGE bottle of glue refill and had the students take turns pouring it into a measuring cup, then dumping that into the large bowl.  More OT skills targeted, that way!  Then the students all took turns dumping the jello powder into the bowl.  We then passed around the bowl and mixed it!  (It did turn out much more green than I originally anticipated – thankfully!) Then we put each student’s shamrock into the lid of a cardboard box and had them “paint” the jello-glue mixture onto them.  Here are some pictures:
mixing the glue and jello

the box lid helped avoid a mess!

painting it on!

our finished products!

These are to be used as “air fresheners”.  Once dry, their teacher is going to punch a hole in them and string green yarn through it so it can be hung.
The smell on these were not as strong and long-lasting as our Valentine’s hearts.  I’m not sure if it was our method or the brand of jell-o.  If you’re going to do this, use jell-o brand jello- (buy the jolly rancher for yourself – let me know how it is!) and shake the powder onto the glue rather than premixing it, to ensure yours are better than mine were.
Either way, the students loved it and it was language rich!
Enjoy! ~Denise